• Boosts Stamina and Endurance
  • Reduces Post-Workout Recovery
  • Increases Energy and Strength
  • Build Lean Muscle Mass

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Human growth hormone regulates hormone production to ensure healthy muscle growth. Levels of HGH peak during your early twenties, resulting in increased energy, greater stamina, and thicker muscles. As you age, growth hormone production slows down and your physical endurance decreases. Ultra Edge XL promotes physical strength and lean muscle mass by increasing both the secretion and production of human growth hormone.

While you sleep, your body produces growth hormone, the predominant factor for tissue growth and repair. Ultra Edge XL acts as a secretagogue to boost stamina and endurance. Ultra Edge XL stimulates blood flow and nutrient delivery to your straining muscles to amplify the effects of your workout. Ultra Edge XL also helps to amplify your physical endurance so you can exercise longer and harder all the time.

In addition to a healthy diet and plenty of rest, Ultra Edge XL can increase your body's levels of human growth hormone to help you reach your maximum physical strength. Boost HGH levels naturally and make significant improvement in muscle mass with Ultra Edge XL's advanced formulation.

Achieve a whole new level of satisfaction – increase your muscle mass and physical endurance with Ultra Edge XL now! Get my Ultra Edge XL today.

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Core ingredients shown to gain muscle mass & increase testosterone

Ultra Edge XL's professional grade ingredients make this a revolutionary product. Ultra Edge XL helps men to increase testosterone levels while sculpting their body and packing on lean muscle.

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amino acid

Ultra Edge XL's amino acid complex targets the amino acids in the protein enzymes that set off the body's metabolic rate. Having a higher metabolism helps to build muscle and maintain lean, chiseled definition.


Secretagogues are substances that trigger the secretion of another substance. For Ultra Edge XL, the patented formula acts as a secretagogue that boosts natural human growth hormone production and bioavailability.


Ultra Edge XL contains L-glutamine, arginine, lysine and valine to stimulate your body's HGH production. Ultra Edge XL also contains notoginseng, which increases the rate at which your body releases HGH into your bloodstream. The end result is more lean muscle and energy.

core ingredients
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Increase muscle definition for rock-solid abs with Ultra Edge XL's intense muscle enhancement formulation. Order Ultra Edge XL today!

Ultra Edge XL is a blend of premium herbal adaptogens, such as L-Glutamine, which help enhance physical strength, stamina and body composition for lean muscle mass.

Ultra Edge XL's patented amino acid complex maximizes your training efforts by elevating metabolism and stamina. But we didn't stop there. L-arginine helps decrease downtime caused by injury by increasing the strength and collagen production in torn muscle tissues and other similar wounds. The result? Harder, more intense works out and faster recovery in between training sessions.

Why settle for anything less? Maximize your muscle building efforts now with Ultra Edge XL!

Notoginseng Root
william s. from san francisco, ca:

"I started taking Ultra Edge XL a few months ago and noticed increases in muscle size, stamina, and energy in the first two weeks.

Since then, I ordered a three month supply. I let a few of my friends try it out and now everyone at the gym knows us for our insane workouts. Thank you!"

kimberly g. from miami, fl:

"I bought a three month supply of Ultra Edge XL for my husband's 30th birthday and it has done wonders. He's gained ridiculous muscle and his energy level is through the roof.

I just can't get enough of that ripped body. I would recommend this product to anyone looking to become chiseled and toned!"

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